Known Limitations

We strive for flexibility, extensibility and many other great things. We do not strive for a project that's weighed down by restrictions and limitations.

But we also value transparency and openness, so be prepared when any of the following apply to your project:

  • You've got more than a million individual nodes? Performance may not end up meeting your expectations. Try Redis!
  • Trying to run node:repair over a content repository of a few hundred thousand nodes?
    Prepare to wait... (A solution for this exact problem is in the works already, though!)
  • You want to have multiple different language dimensions on different domains?
    This may require some extra code. But for most of you, code is easy, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Here come the good news: The Neos community is aware of the trickier bits and is constantly working on improving your experience with Neos. 

If you're struggling with one of the mentioned difficulties (or any other, for that matter), reach out to the community. Get in touch with other seasoned Neos developers on Github, Discuss or Slack. Maybe your problem has been solved before!