The SEO topic is old, but there are continously new requirements and better ways to communicate to search engines what your content is about. In Neos core and some community packages, there are various mechanisms which will help you to achieve great results.

Of course good content is one of the most important things and should be the focus when trying to get great search engine visibility. But there are also many technical things that need to be done right:

  • Microdata for semantical content
  • Metadata for the site, authors, images and other rich content
  • Keywords on what your content is about
  • Canonical urls, pagination information, etc…

Neos and the SEO package allow you to add the basic metadata easily and you can use Fusion to quickly extend other information. But there are community packages which will let you easily configure micro data for all content types. Or even give your editors an easy way to enter and check their SEO on individual pages via the YoastSEO integration.

This is all explained by this talk of Sebastian:

You can help us!

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