Con­tribu­ting to the Neos Docu­men­tation

Any docs are only as good as their writers!

#Docu­men­tation Work­flow

Let's be honest. There's no way that this documentation is complete. And there's a good chance that you know something that isn't documented here. 

If you feel like you can and want to contribute to our efforts and join the documentation community, feel free to contact us (for example via the button in the footer of this page or on Slack). You will then gain access to this very Neos instance and can get started on filling the gaps!

Whatever you do: Don't panic! You may feel like your documentation is incomplete or needs some review. For this case, we've implemented a row of labels with which you can tag your document. You can ask for further examples, request a technical review or even ask for a little help, if you're unsure of your English. Collaboration is the key!

In order to lower the barrier, we've compiled a little content style guide that's intended to give you a little direction.

#Specific details on packages

In order not to confuse readers and in an attempt to simplify concepts, one idea has been not to go into depth on certain specific components like Fizzle. 

Rule number one of the Fizzle Club is not to talk about Fizzle. For all intents and purposes, it can be considered a part of FlowQuery. In avoiding specifically naming it, we spare new users another term to learn. The same applies to Eel. (Probably.)

One other thing:
The code bundles you can download and install to extend your application have a variety of different names through-out the internet. In Neos, we call them packages (not plugins, add-ons or extensions).

#Comparisons, Examples and Metaphors

When confronted with completely new concepts, it can be enormously helpful to be handed comparisons or metaphors. These should only be used, however, if they actually do help the understanding. 

We'd like to avoid direct comparisons to other software and instead encourage the contributors to this documentation to try to use examples from the real world.