Custom Edit/Preview-Modes

From the beginning the Neos backend was designed to be extensible with different rendering modes users can switch depending on their use-case. In-place editing and the raw-content-editing-mode are only a small glimpse of what is possible.

It is encouraged to add custom edit- or preview modes. Use-cases could be the preview of the content in search engines or on mobile devices.

#Add a custom Preview Mode

Edit/preview modes are added to the Neos-Backend via Settings.yaml.

          title: 'Print'
          # show as edit mode
          isEditingMode: FALSE
          # show as preview mode
          isPreviewMode: TRUE
          # render path
          fusionRenderingPath: 'print'
          # show after the existing modes
          position: 200
          # sets the width of the iframe (React UI only)
          width: 800
          # sets the height of the iframe (React UI only)
          height: 600
          # custom background color for content canvas
          backgroundColor: '#ffffff'

The settings isEditingMode and isPreviewMode are controlling whether the mode will show up in the section “Edit” or “Preview” of the Neos-Backend. The major difference between both sections is that inside “Preview” section the inline editing options are not activated.

The actual rendering of the edit/preview mode is configured in Fusion:

print < page
print {
    head {
        stylesheets.printCss = Neos.Fusion:Tag {
            @position = 'end 10'
            tagName = 'link'
            attributes {
				media = 'all'
				rel = 'stylesheet'
				href = Neos.Fusion:ResourceUri {
					path = 'resource://Neos.Demo/Public/Styles/Print.css'

In this example the default rendering as defined in the path page is used and altered to include the Print.css for all media.

#Add a custom Editing Mode

To add an editing mode instead of a preview mode the configuration in Settings.yaml has to be changed.

          isEditingMode: true
          isPreviewMode: false


It is currently possible to configure an edit/preview-mode for editing and preview at the same time. We are still unsure whether this is a bug or a feature – so this behavior may change in future releases.